What we do

What we do

FELT works in the broad field of spatial design. From their experience as product designers and architects, FELT creates projects of different scales ranging from small scale interior interventions, scenography and furniture designs, to architecture and urbanism projects.

FELT favours the 'in between', creating objects and projects that vacillate between private and public, between the building and the city, between interior and exterior, between architecture and design.

FELT loves to collaborate. By teaming up with engineers, experts, artists or fellow designers, we adjust our services towards the questions at hand. When possible we set up co-creative and participatory design processes involving advisors as well as clients or users.


Biennale Interieur, Kortrijk
Museum M, Leuven
City of Ghent
AG Vespa, Antwerp
VAI, Antwerp
STAM, Ghent
City of Antwerp
CANVAS, Brussels
Designregio, Kortrijk
Museum aan de Stroom, Antwerp
Flanders InShape, Kortrijk
KMSKA, Antwerp
Design Museum, Ghent


BAS, structural engineer
UTIL, structural engineer
HP engineers
TECH3, technical engineer
STIR engineers
EA+, sustainability advisor
ROBUUST, sustainability advisor
DOORZON, interior designer
aNNo architecten, heritage expert
2001, architect
Arne Deruyter, landscape design
Studio Basta, landscape design
Filip Dujardin, photographer
Bart Kiggen, photographer
Frederik Vercruysse, photographer